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Kickboxing Clubs in Chatham, NJ

CKO of Chatham provides kickboxing courses that are designed to help burn off calories in an enjoyable workout atmosphere that you'll discover can be addictive. Our purpose is for you to see real results regardless of your gender, age, or level of fitness. Our sessions enable you to move at an individual pace while being part of a fun, entertaining class that helps you maximize your results.

Kickboxing is more than just complicated martial arts techniques, and our classes target the fitness component and combine motions that anyone can maneuver. We work with a real bag, so you'll be able to feel and notice results much faster. We offer a high-energy one-hour routine that's a whole-body workout. Our kickboxing classes have been able to:

  • Reduce stress
  • Burn fat
  • Help boost strength and flexibility

The continuous movement routines at CKO of Chatham can enable you burn as much as 1,200 calories per hour. We want you to transform your dull exercise routines and bring them to a higher level. Call our gym today to learn more about our kickboxing classes.

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